Loring Wirbel

Loring Wirbel is a senior analyst at The Linley Group and senior editor of Networking Report. He has covered the semiconductor industry for more than 25 years and is widely known for his work as director of communications coverage at EE Times. Prior to joining The Linley Group, he managed the FPGA Gurus blog for EDN, the Smartbooks blog for Qualcomm, and the Smart Networks report for Adva Optical. He also worked on independent projects for Vitesse Semiconductor, Verdelogix, Vita, and Venture Online.

Loring spent the much of his career at CMP/United Business Media, where he eventually rose to director of UBM's market-intelligence unit. Prior to that position, he covered the communications, client-server, and mil-aero markets for EE Times (a CMP publication), writing numerous articles. During this time, he also spoke at industry events including ATM 2000, Communication System Design, DSL.con, and OEM Communications. In 2004, London's Pluto Press published his book "Star Wars: US Tools of Space Supremacy."

Prior to EE Times, Loring covered semiconductors for Electronic News. He started his career writing science and energy articles for the Tucson Citizen, then served as science editor for the Albuquerque Tribune. He studied computer science and electronic engineering at Michigan State University before earning a science journalism BA degree at the University of Arizona.

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