About Microprocessor Report

Each week, we cover new microprocessor products for applications such as servers, PCs, supercomputers, embedded systems, communications and networking equipment, mobile devices, and consumer electronics.

We also cover licensable cores for CPU, DSP, graphics, and other processor functions. In addition, we cover the microprocessor implications of emerging platforms, new memory and I/O technology, system-design issues, new IC processes and packaging, recent mergers and acquisitions, and business strategy.

New articles are posted weekly. Subscribers can also access a searchable 15-year archive that is perfect for research. In addition, subscribers can opt to receive a printed newsletter once a month. Annual subscriptions start at $1495 per year. Multiuser and corporate subscriptions are also available. Subscribe now.

Microprocessor Report was founded in 1987 by Michael Slater. ISSN 0899-9341.

Microprocessor Report Staff

Publisher and Editor-in-Chief: Linley Gwennap

Senior Editors: Jag Bolaria, Mike Demler, Tom R. Halfhill, David Kanter, Bob Wheeler, and Loring Wirbel.

Associate Publisher: Madelyn Miller

Editorial Board: Don Alpert, Dave Epstein, Michael J. Flynn, Don Gaubatz, Markus Levy and David A. Patterson

Production Assistants: Leslie Fish, Bea Lugo

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