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First MPR Issue (1987)

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                                            May 2017
                                            May 29
                                            Cadence C5 Flexes for Neural Networks
                                            May 22
                                            Valens Retools for Autos
                                            AMS Hides Smartphone Sensors
                                            Snapdragon 660 Upgrades to 14nm
                                            May 15
                                            Andes NX25 Takes a RISC-V
                                            Broadcom Delivers 100GbE Adapters
                                            EEMBC Benchmarks IoT Power
                                            Intel Reworks FinFETs for IoT
                                            Editorial: MIPS Loses Imagination
                                            May 8
                                            Google TPU Boosts Machine Learning
                                            Broadcom Quartz Packs TSN Features
                                            May 1
                                            Galaxy S8 Debuts Exynos 8895
                                            AMD Bumps Clocks in Low-End GPUs
                                            April 2017
                                            PDF of all April Microprocessor Report Articles
                                            Apr 24
                                            Intel Sets Tiny 10nm Goal Posts
                                            Arteris Ncore 2.0 Simplifies Safety
                                            Editorial: Qualcomm Targets Cellular PCs
                                            Apr 17
                                            Data Center Dominates OFC
                                            Sequans Adds CPU to IoT Modem
                                            Apr 10
                                            Intel Debuts First 3D XPoint Products
                                            Marvell Builds Port-Extender ASSP
                                            Qualcomm 205 Trims LTE Cost
                                            Apr 3
                                            Mobileye Is Intel’s Designated Driver
                                            Ceva Telegraphs 5G Intent With XC12
                                            NXP Airs Software-Defined Radio
                                            Editorial: Autonomous-Car Myth-Takes
                                            March 2017
                                            PDF of all March Microprocessor Report Articles
                                            Mar 27
                                            Innovium Bets on High-Density 100GbE
                                            X-Gene 3 Up and Running
                                            Imagination Unleashes Furian
                                            Mar 20
                                            Ryzen Returns AMD to the Desktop
                                            March Modem Madness
                                            Spreadtrum Launches First x86 Chip
                                            AMD Teases Server Renaissance
                                            Intel Debuts 25GbE NIC
                                            Mar 13
                                            Helio X30 Nabs Speed Lead
                                            Editorial: Brace for Rising Chip Prices
                                            Altair LTE Chip Integrates M1, NB1
                                            Smaller Offspring for TI’s Sitara
                                            Arteris Piano Tunes Timing
                                            Mar 6
                                            Intel Spills Coffee Lake Roadmap
                                            Kopin Audio Chip Hears Whispers
                                            Intel Debuts a Delayed Denverton
                                            February 2017
                                            PDF of all February Microprocessor Report Articles
                                            Feb 27
                                            Broadcom-Avago One Year Later
                                            Qualcomm Bids for 802.11ax
                                            Feb 20
                                            Goldmont Takes Atom to 14nm
                                            Microsemi Adds Midrange FPGAs
                                            Ambarella Enhances Automotive Video
                                            Editorial: ARM Server Processors Reboot
                                            Feb 13
                                            Intel Has a Go at Self-Driving Cars
                                            Qorvo Adds Bluetooth to IoT Mix
                                            Feb 6
                                            Kaby Lake Bumps Up PC Performance
                                            10Gbps PONs Follow Two Paths
                                            Intel Pushes 5G With New Modem
                                            January 2017
                                            Jan 30
                                            ARM Chooses Variable-Length Vectors
                                            Editorial: IoT Needs Secure Hardware
                                            MediaTek Aims to Cut Audio Cords
                                            Jan 23
                                            i.MX8 Masters Multimedia
                                            NXP Upgrades Radar Processor
                                            Ambiq Rides Quadratic Power Curve
                                            AMD Hones Learning Instincts
                                            Jan 16
                                            Year in Review: Ethernet Accelerates as Wireless Slows
                                            Analysts’ Choice Winners for 2016
                                            Jan 9
                                            Year in Review: Clouds Open Up for New Processors
                                            Snapdragon 835 First to 10nm
                                            Samsung 10nm Takes Density Crown
                                            GlobalFoundries Offers 56Gbps Serdes


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