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Achronix Turns to Embedded FPGAs
Even as revenue from its high-performance Speedster FPGAs ramps, Achronix is focusing on its new Speedcore embedded-FPGA intellectual property and anticipates launching FPGA “chiplets” for 2.5D packages next year. 
Skylake-SP Scales Server Systems
Intel’s newest server-processor design modifies the Skylake client with greater AVX-512 capabilities and a new cache architecture while greatly improving the memory and I/O bandwidth.
Snapdragon 450 Moves to 14nm
Qualcomm’s first low-cost 14nm processor, the Snapdragon 450 offers 25% faster CPUs, twice the video speed, greater camera resolution, and other improvements over its predecessor.
Xeon Scalable Reshapes Server Line
Skylake-SP and the Purley platform replace both Xeon E5 and Xeon E7 with new processors that offer more cores and better performance, but often with higher power and prices as well.
After 400GbE, IEEE Studies PHYs
The IEEE could ratify the 802.3bs standard as early as September, but an 800GbE follow-on will await detailed studies on new PHYs, including those for distances beyond 10km.
Dialog Charges Into Bluetooth 5 Fray
Dialog’s entry-level DA14586 adds Bluetooth 5, making it the lowest-cost MCU to implement that technology, improving its prospects for low-cost IoT applications.
MT8516 Enables Google Assistant
Purpose-built for voice-enabled digital assistants, the MediaTek MT8516 integrates four Cortex-A35 CPUs along with 2.4GHz Bluetooth and Wi-Fi transceivers.
Cavium NIC Supports iWARP, RoCE
Cavium has delivered the first performance tweak to the FastLinq family since it acquired QLogic. The new 25GbE NICs can serve in “universal RDMA” systems that run iWARP and RoCE concurrently.
Cypress PSoC 6 Broadens MCU Lineup
Cypress is taking on the IoT market by offering a broad family of high-performance Cortex-M4F MCUs that include Bluetooth 5 connectivity and improved security.
MIPS I6500-F Drives Functional Safety
Imagination has enhanced the licensable MIPS I6500 CPU core to include features for ISO 26262 and other functional-safety standards, aiding automotive designers.
Cortus APS3V Plays the RISC-V Card
Cortus has unveiled its first CPU core to use the RISC-V instruction set. The APS3V is the smallest commercial RISC-V core available for deeply embedded applications.
Epyc Relaunches AMD Into Servers
AMD's new Epyc processor boosts IPC by 52% compared with the company’s previous generation and provides more memory and I/O bandwidth than Intel Xeon E5 processors.
Trident 3 Adopts Programmability
Broadcom’s future enterprise-switch portfolio will revolve around the new Trident 3 architecture, which brings both programmability and 25G Ethernet to the company’s mainstream switch family.
Intel Bridges Gap to 2.5D Packaging
Intel’s Embedded Multi-Die Interconnect Bridge (EMIB) packaging is less expensive than silicon interposers. It appears in an FPGA and likely in future server processors as well.
Marvell First With Octal 5GBase-T PHY
Marvell is sampling the industry’s first eight-port PHY for 5GBase-T, as well as an optimized single-port device. The new chips meet full 802.3bz and NBase-T specifications.
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