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Analysts’ Choice Winners for 2017
The Linley Group recognizes 2017’s top products in the categories of embedded, mobile, networking, server, processor IP, and related technology. And the winners are…
Marvell Delivers 802.11ax Powerhouse
Targeting access points and residential gateways, the company’s new Wi-Fi chips include a 5.0GHz 8x8 radio plus a dual-band 4x4 radio with integrated Bluetooth 5.
Redpine Scores IoT Triple Play
The RS14100, the company’s first microprocessor, combines a Cortex-M4 CPU with a complete radio subsystem for three IoT protocols: 802.15.4, Bluetooth 5, and Wi-Fi.
Synaptics Takes Fingerprints to Infinity
A new fingerprint sensor is the first to operate through the display, enabling phones with so-called infinity displays to place the sensor behind the display instead of on the phone’s back.
Year in Review: Data Centers Drive Networking
Massive Ethernet investment led to a crowded market that includes startups as well as incumbents. Meanwhile, the wireless world focused on developing next-generation standards.
Gemini Lake Targets Tiny PCs
Intel’s new Pentium Silver processor offers modest upgrades to the earlier Apollo Lake while attempting to fight off Qualcomm in Windows tablets and 2-in-1 PCs.
Year in Review: Embedded Chips Soar to 100GbE
In 2017, vendors announced embedded processors that have 100G Ethernet interfaces, as well as media processors that support 4K UltraHD and HDR. Also, corporate mergers continue to shrink the field of major processor vendors.
Year in Review: IP Suppliers Take More RISC-V
In 2017, the open-source movement picked up momentum as new RISC-V CPUs came to market, but the leading CPU-IP vendors delivered higher-performance cores that address lucrative growth segments in automotive, deep learning, and virtual reality.
Broadcom Axes Ethernet-Switch Foes
The company is sampling the industry’s first 12.8Tbps Ethernet switch chip, doubling bandwidth relative to Tomahawk 2 and adding support for the new 50Gbps, 200Gbps, and 400Gbps Ethernet standards.
MediaTek Eases Transition to NB-IoT
The MT2621 integrates two RF front ends that connect to legacy 2G networks as well as new Cat-NB2 IoT networks. It also integrates a Bluetooth radio and Cortex-M4 sensor hub.
Efinix Improves FPGAs
Startup Efinix has sampled its first Quantum programmable logic devices, which employ a new logic-cell design that potentially increases gate density by 2–4x and halves power consumption.
Marvell Is Benevolent Host to Cavium
The acquirer is looking to Cavium for profitable growth and product diversification. Cavium brings mostly complementary products for the networking market.
SecureRF Locks Up the Keys
SecureRF offers licensable cryptographic intellectual property (IP) that’s resistant to quantum-computing attacks. It delivers the IP as synthesizable RTL cores as well as in a software tool kit.
Year in Review: Server Processor Competition Heats Up
AMD’s Epyc and Qualcomm’s Centriq rolled out in 2017, offering strong competition to the new Xeon Scalable (Purley) platform and even pulling ahead of Intel on some metrics.
Open-Silicon IP Targets Networking
Better known as an ASIC vendor, Open-Silicon is supplying new networking IP that builds on its existing Interlaken core. The new cores include Ethernet PCS, FEC, and Flex Ethernet IP.
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