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Ceva Telegraphs 5G Intent With XC12  — April 3, 2017
The XC12 licensable DSP delivers a 2–8x performance boost over the XC4500 for important 5G tasks such as channel estimation, making it attractive for new wireless base stations.

NXP Airs Software-Defined Radio  — April 3, 2017
The new QorIQ LA1575 is an innovative embedded processor with a programmable baseband. It can support multiple protocols including next-generation Wi-Fi and 5G cellular.

Helio X30 Nabs Speed Lead  — March 13, 2017
MediaTek new deca-core Helio X30 brings premium features to the mainstream price tier and is the first application processor manufactured in TSMC’s 10nm process.

10Gbps PONs Follow Two Paths  — February 6, 2017
The International Telecommunication Union has defined two distinct paths for passive optical networks that deliver 10Gbps or greater: the symmetric XGS-PON and the more complex NG-PON2.

ARM Chooses Variable-Length Vectors  — January 30, 2017
The Scalable Vector Extension (SVE), a novel 128- to 2,048-bit vector extension with a vector-length-agnostic programming model, will help ARM enter the HPC market.

Adesto Executes in Place  — October 10, 2016
The new EcoXIP memory combines standard NOR flash with a custom high-speed interface designed specifically for streaming instructions in MCU-based IoT applications.

Wave Accelerates Deep Learning  — October 3, 2016
Startup Wave Computing has created an innovative dataflow architecture, implemented in a processor with 16,384 cores, that offers a 10x speedup for training neural networks.

Vesper Mic Drops Under Water  — September 12, 2016
Using piezoelectric materials in a MEMS microphone, startup Vesper offers immunity from dust and liquids and better power consumption than traditional capacitive MEMS mics.

AMD Finds Zen in Microarchitecture  — August 29, 2016
Providing a fresh start for AMD’s computing ambitions, Zen offers 40% better performance than the prior generation and is the company’s first CPU in a FinFET node. 

FD-SOI Offers Alternative to FinFET  — August 15, 2016
A new version of SOI technology from GlobalFoundries provides an alternative to the expensive wafers and difficult design rules of advanced FinFET processes.

Ceva X2 Controls Multiple PHYs  — August 1, 2016
Ceva’s new X2 DSP performs physical-layer (PHY) control in complex wireless modems such as LTE-Advanced, which requires control of multiple communications channels.

Mali-G71 Enables Coherent Computing  — May 30, 2016
ARM’s Mali-G71 enables full hardware cache-coherent operation for tightly coupled CPU/GPU workloads as well as TrustZone support for content protection.

NXP Debuts QorIQ Cortex-A72  — April 25, 2016
The industry’s first embedded processors to use Cortex-A72, the quad-core LS1046A and dual-core LS1026A improve performance, particularly for mixed control- and data-plane networking.

Accelerating Machine Learning  — March 7, 2016
ISSCC papers from Intel and MIT indicate that hardware accelerators for machine-learning algorithms can deliver up to 30x better performance per watt than CPUs or GPUs.

Adesto Targets IoT Using CBRAM  — February 22, 2016
Targeting embedded and IoT designs, Adesto’s new Moneta products improve its conductive-bridge RAM (CBRAM) nonvolatile memory to further reduce power relative to EEPROMs.

VaultIP Secures All Things  — December 21, 2015
Inside Secure’s VaultIP provides robust security, FIPS 140-2 Level 2 certification and authentication, while consuming little power and die area, making it ideal for IoT devices.

Year in Review: Consolidation Rocks Networking Chips  — December 21, 2015
The 2015 acquisition wave hit both market leaders and niche vendors. Following this flurry of activity, many companies will focus on integration and execution in 2016.

FBAR Gets Excellent Reception  — July 27, 2015
Avago’s FBAR products appear in almost all premium smartphones, providing superior RF filtering that optimizes LTE data rates and reduces interference with GPS and Wi-Fi.

Interview: NetSpeed CEO Rethinks SoC Design  — July 6, 2015
Sundari Mitra discusses her ideas on improving the design of complex chips and how she founded a company that does so using network-on-a-chip (NoC) IP.

Interview: Sutardja Sees Simpler SoCs  — June 1, 2015
Marvell CEO Sehat Sutardja discusses how Moore’s Law is increasing design cost, how MoChi is helping Marvell address this problem, and a new memory architecture called FLC.

Editorial: Moore’s Law Turns 50  — April 20, 2015
Gordon Moore’s prediction has had a good run, but nothing lasts forever. Transistor progress is slowing and has even halted at some price points. The industry must adapt.

Honey, I Shrunk the FPGA  — February 23, 2015
Lattice’s new Ice40 UltraLite FPGA competes with QuickLogic’s PolarPro 3, providing a tiny, inexpensive programmable-logic chip for smartphones and other mobile devices.

Kalray Clusters Calculate Quickly  — February 9, 2015
A little-known company has packed 256 VLIW CPUs onto a chip to deliver industry-leading performance per watt and impressive packet-processing performance.

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