Bob Wheeler

Bob Wheeler is vice president of The Linley Group and principal analyst for networking; he has been a member of the team since 2001. He is also a senior editor for Microprocessor Report, focusing on networking chips and embedded processors. He has more than 25 years of experience in the networking, semiconductor, and PC industries. He has been an industry analyst and consultant since 1997, serving clients such as 3Com, AMD, ESS Technology, and Merrill Lynch. He is the coauthor of dozens of book-length reports including A Guide to Ethernet Switch and PHY Chips, Communications Semiconductor Market Share, and Communications Semiconductor Market Forecast.

Bob has spoken at numerous industry conferences, including Networld+Interop, Communications Design Conference, Linley Conferences, Network Systems Design, Embedded Processor Forum, and Microprocessor Forum.

Prior to becoming an analyst, Bob was division marketing manager for the Network Products Division of AMD. He was responsible for marketing local area network (LAN) products including Ethernet and wireless LAN controllers and transceivers. Strategic customers included HP, Compaq, Cisco, 3Com, and many other PC and networking OEMs. During his tenure at AMD, Bob's roles included strategic marketing, product marketing, and technical marketing positions.

Before joining AMD, Bob was head of operations for Way To Go Corporation, a technology startup. The company launched a wireless traffic information appliance and service in the San Francisco Bay Area. Bob was responsible for taking the product from proof-of-concept prototypes to production, including field testing, contract manufacturing, and establishing the traffic operation center. This challenging role built on his experience as engineering manager at Sysgen, Inc., a manufacturer of PC peripheral products. At Sysgen, Bob was responsible for the development of one of the first client/server tape backup systems for local area networks.

Bob spent the early part of his career as a software engineer, including seven years at microcomputer pioneer North Star Computers. While working for North Star in the mid-eighties, he was responsible for one of the first ports of Novell NetWare to an OEM platform. In the early eighties he worked as an independent consultant at the U.C. Berkeley School of Business, serving as a microcomputer programmer. Bob virtually grew up with the microcomputer, having built a Z80-based S-100 bus system while still in high school. He has also been a licensed amateur radio operator since 1983, gaining experience in radio frequency design and techniques.

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