Linley Fall Processor Conference 2019

Held October 23 - 24, 2019
Proceedings available

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The Linley Fall Processor Conference was held on October 23 - 24 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Santa Clara, CA. Proceedings are now available at the link above. Click here to view the keynotes on our Youtube channel. 

The conference presentations featured AI acceleration, targeting edge, automotive, IoT, and data center. Also covered were new CPU architectures, networking, memory, security, SoC design, and other processor-related topics.

Principal Analyst Linley Gwennap, The Linley Group, opened the conference with his keynote, “Accelerating AI from Cloud to Edge.”  The second day started with a keynote from Misha Smelyanskiy, Director of AI System Codesign Group, Facebook, “Challenges and Opportunities of Architecting AI Systems at Data-Center Scale.

The remainder of the program included 28 talks and panel discussions covering a broad range of topics, such as:

Scaling AI Training Systems with the Gaudi Processor
Eitan Medina, Chief Business Officer, Habana

Using Industry-Standard Techniques to Accelerate AI Software
Andrew Richards, CEO, Codeplay

Practical Machine Learning at the Extreme Edge
Semir Haddad, Sr Director, Product Marketing, Eta Compute

NeuronFlow: A New Computational Paradigm for Edge Processing
Jonathan Tapson, Chief Development Officer, GrAI Matter Labs

A Neuromorphic Processor for Next-Generation AI
Mike Davies, Director, Neuromorphic Computing Lab, Intel

Machine Learning on a Tiny Low-Power FPGA
Hoon Choi, Fellow, R&D, Lattice Semiconductor

Introducing Akida: An Event-Based Processor
Anil Mankar, Chief Development Officer, Brainchip

Efficiency at Scale – 4K Image Processing in Edge Devices
Paul Master, CTO and cofounder, Cornami

Designing a GPU for the 5G Era
Kristof Beets, Senior Director of Product Management & Technology Marketing, PowerVR Graphics, Imagination

Server Processors Require Targeted Application Differentiation
Gopal Hegde, VP & GM, Server Processor Business Unit, Marvell

AI Inference at the Edge–Recent Trends and Solutions
Lazaar Louis, Senior Director, Cadence

Delivering Scaled-Up ML Performance for Mobile, Embedded, and Automotive
Raviraj Mahatme, Sr Product Manager, ML Group, Arm

A New Generation of Advanced AI/Floating-Point DSPs
Graham Wilson, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Synopsys

The SiFive Open Secure Platform Architecture
Dany Nativel, Security Director, SiFive

Security for AI Applications
Neeraj Paliwal, VP of Cryptography Products, Rambus

Enabling Smarter Security on SmartNIC
Sakir Sezer, CTO, Titan IC

AI and Vision Processor for Camera-Based Automotive Use Cases
Yair Siegel, Director of Marketing, CEVA

Integrating AI Accelerators into Automotive SoCs with Functional Safety
JP Loison, Corporate Application Engineer, ArterisIP

A Processor for 5G Open RAN Systems
Toby Foster, Senior Product Marketing Manager, NXP

Introducing Intel Tremont Microarchitecture
Stephen Robinson, Senior Principal Engineer – Tremont Architecture, Intel

Scalable IP for High-Performance Workloads SoC Design
Krste Asanović, Co-Founder & Chief Architect, SiFive

The Next Level of Performance and Energy-Efficient Edge Computing
Simon Craske, Lead Embedded Architect and Fellow, Arm

Edge Inference Architecture for High Throughput at Low Power and Low Cost
Cheng Wang, Sr. VP, Software, Architecture, Engineering, Flex Logix

A Graph-Based Dataflow Architecture for Executing Neural Networks
Dave Fick, CTO and founder, Mythic

A New Generation of Processors and SmartNICs
Kevin Deierling, Vice President of Marketing, Mellanox

Memory in the New Era of Compute
Craig McGowan, Sr. Business Development Manager, Compute & Networking Business, Micron

Next-Generation FPGAs for Accelerating Compute, Network, and Storage Workloads
Manoj Roge, Vice President of Strategic Product Planning, Achronix

Bringing Native AI Processing to the Edge
Chien-Ping Lu, CTO, NovuMind

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