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                                                        July 2020
                                                        Jul 6
                                                        Cooper Lake Limps to Market
                                                        Qualcomm Equips AI-Powered Robots
                                                        Xilinx Alveo Makes Video Zoom
                                                        June 2020
                                                        Jun 29
                                                        Lakefield Shrinks x86 SoCs
                                                        Snapdragon 690 Lowers 5G Entry Price
                                                        Qualcomm Delivers 6GHz Wi-Fi
                                                        Certus-NX Extends Lattice Lineup
                                                        Tom Halfhill Retires, Aakash Jani Joins
                                                        Jun 22
                                                        Pliops Makes Storage Computational
                                                        EnSilica Drives Automotive Radar
                                                        Jun 15
                                                        Pensando, Xilinx Debut Smart NICs
                                                        Editorial: US Sanctions Squeeze Huawei
                                                        Dimensity 820 Shows True Colors
                                                        Jun 8
                                                        Nvidia A100 Tops in AI Performance
                                                        Nvidia Ampere Delivers AI Innovation
                                                        Kirin 985 Upgrades AI Performance
                                                        Jun 1
                                                        Cortex-X1: A Bigger Arm
                                                        Mali-G78 Raises Premium Performance
                                                        Ethos-N78 Boosts AI Efficiency
                                                        May 2020
                                                        PDF of all May Microprocessor Report Articles
                                                        May 25
                                                        Andes Plots RISC-V Vector Heading
                                                        Innovium Debuts 25.6Tbps Switch
                                                        May 18
                                                        Intel Takes Desktop PCs to 10th Gen
                                                        Prophesee Detects Rapid Movement
                                                        Editorial: Wave Goodbye to MIPS
                                                        Sima Seeks Greener AI
                                                        May 11
                                                        Perceive Reduces AI to a Math Problem
                                                        LeapMind Jumps on Binary Networks
                                                        Helio P95 Boosts AI and Graphics
                                                        May 4
                                                        XMOS Xcore.ai Adds Vector Unit
                                                        MaxLinear Disconnects Intel’s Home
                                                        AMD Targets HPC With Faster Epyc
                                                        April 2020
                                                        PDF of all April Microprocessor Report Articles
                                                        Apr 27
                                                        RISC-V Vectors Know No Limits
                                                        Flex Logix Accelerates DSP
                                                        Apr 20
                                                        Ceva SensPro Fuses AI and Vector DSP
                                                        Comet Lake-H Maxes Out Clock Speed
                                                        Editorial: Publishing Under a Quarantine
                                                        Apr 13
                                                        Tenstorrent Scales AI Performance
                                                        Synopsys Launches 64-Bit ARC
                                                        ThunderX3’s Cloudburst of Threads
                                                        Apr 6
                                                        Connected Cars Get a Cellular Plan
                                                        Qualcomm UltraSAW Targets FBAR
                                                        Ampere Pushes Neoverse to 80 Cores
                                                        First 112Gbps PAM4 PHYs Arrive
                                                        March 2020
                                                        PDF of all March Microprocessor Report Articles
                                                        Mar 30
                                                        Intel Snow Ridge Gains 5G Wins
                                                        Versal Premium Targets Core Networks
                                                        Unisoc Joins 5G-Smartphone Race
                                                        Mar 23
                                                        AMD Develops Compute GPUs
                                                        Ceva XC16 Stays Ahead of 5G Rollout
                                                        Editorial: Deep Learning Gets Small
                                                        Mar 16
                                                        Marvell Upgrades to Octeon TX2
                                                        MediaTek Brings Gamers $100 Phones
                                                        Marvell Armada Reflagged as CN913x
                                                        Mar 9
                                                        Cortex-M55 Supports Tiny-AI Ethos
                                                        Snapdragon X60 Offers 5G in 5nm
                                                        Location Services Drive UWB’s Return
                                                        Mar 2
                                                        Wi-Fi 6E Covets 6GHz Band
                                                        Alibaba Uses Convolution Architecture
                                                        TI Jacinto Accelerates Level 3 ADAS
                                                        February 2020
                                                        PDF of all February Microprocessor Report Articles
                                                        Feb 24
                                                        MediaTek Brings 5G to Mid-Premium
                                                        Kneron Delivers Efficient AI
                                                        TI Auto Gateway Manages Traffic Flow
                                                        Feb 17
                                                        ST Debuts Wireless MCU for LoRa
                                                        Renesas and SiLabs Polish Bluetooth
                                                        Intel Drops NNP-T and NNP-I
                                                        Feb 10
                                                        Snapdragon 460 Takes 4+4 to Low End
                                                        Synaptics VS680 Powers Multimedia AI
                                                        Editorial: Self-Driving Hits Slow Traffic
                                                        Feb 3
                                                        Sharper Vision, Brains in i.MX8M Plus
                                                        Lattice First With FPGA in FD-SOI
                                                        January 2020
                                                        PDF of all January Microprocessor Report Articles
                                                        Jan 27
                                                        Ryzen Mobile Doubles CPU Count
                                                        Editorial: Nvidia AI Software Hard to Beat
                                                        NXP S32G Is Master of Auto Domains
                                                        Jan 20
                                                        Analysts’ Choice Winners for 2019
                                                        Year in Review: Arm Flexes IP to Battle RISC-V
                                                        Intel Extends 3D Packaging With ODI
                                                        Jan 13
                                                        Year in Review: 5G Smartphones Ready to Boom
                                                        Marvell Accelerates In-Car Networks
                                                        GreenWaves GAP9 Goes Faster
                                                        Jan 6
                                                        Groq Rocks Neural Networks
                                                        Year in Review: AI Is Livin’ on the Edge

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