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                                                  June 2019
                                                  Jun 17
                                                  Habana Offers Gaudi for AI Training
                                                  MediaTek AI Engine Earns Top Marks
                                                  Silicon Labs Upgrades Wireless MCUs
                                                  Jun 10
                                                  DSP-IP Vendors Target 3D Navigation
                                                  Editorial: AI Needs Flexibility…For Now
                                                  Jun 3
                                                  Arm Mali-G77 Goes to Valhall
                                                  Achronix Debuts FPGAs for AI
                                                  Arm CPUs Approach Intel Complexity
                                                  May 2019
                                                  PDF of all May Microprocessor Report Articles
                                                  May 27
                                                  Cortex-A77 Improves IPC
                                                  Arm Machine-Learning Core Scales Up
                                                  Xilinx Enters Smart-NIC Market
                                                  May 20
                                                  EUV Processes Reach Mass Production
                                                  Lattice Lessens Power With SensAI
                                                  Ambarella Expands Vision to ADAS
                                                  May 13
                                                  Tesla Rolls Its Own Self-Driving Chip
                                                  Intel Warms Up Coffee Lake
                                                  Huawei Ascends in AI Accelerators
                                                  May 6
                                                  Fabu Aims to Deliver ADAS Processors
                                                  AMD Accelerates Ryzen Embedded
                                                  Editorial: Apple Shuffles 5G Landscape
                                                  April 2019
                                                  PDF of all April Microprocessor Report Articles
                                                  Apr 29
                                                  Marvell Brings 400GbE to Enterprises
                                                  Qualcomm Advances Into AI Chips
                                                  Cortus FPS69V Uses 64-Bit RISC-V
                                                  Apr 22
                                                  Horizon Robotics Eyes ADAS
                                                  Snapdragon 730 Pushes Gaming
                                                  Wave to License TritonAI IP
                                                  Apr 15
                                                  Flex Logix Moves Into Chips
                                                  Xeon D-1600 Tackles NFV, 5G Systems
                                                  Andes Strengthens Its RISC-V Arsenal
                                                  Apr 8
                                                  2nd-Gen Xeon Scalable Adds Cores
                                                  Intel 10nm FPGAs Add Chiplets
                                                  First Optane DIMMs Disappoint
                                                  Qualcomm Amps Up Smart Speakers
                                                  Editorial: Nvidia to Acquire Mellanox
                                                  Apr 1
                                                  MIPS Openly Challenges RISC-V
                                                  ST MCUs Make a Stellar Debut
                                                  March 2019
                                                  PDF of all March Microprocessor Report Articles
                                                  Mar 25
                                                  i.MX8 Nano Cuts Multimedia Power
                                                  Toshiba Moves Up to Level 3 ADAS
                                                  Kendryte Embeds AI for Surveillance
                                                  Mar 18
                                                  Syntiant Knows All the Best Words
                                                  Editorial: 5G Phones Are Gonna Be Big
                                                  Broadcom Fills Out 5G-Network Line
                                                  Mar 11
                                                  ST Debuts Its First Application SoCs
                                                  Cadence ConnX Sensors and Radios
                                                  Exynos 9820 Has Samsung AI Engine
                                                  Mar 4
                                                  Snapdragon X55 Modem Hits 7Gbps
                                                  Arm Floats New ISA With Helium
                                                  Synaptics Pairs Ears With Brains
                                                  February 2019
                                                  PDF of all February Microprocessor Report Articles
                                                  Feb 25
                                                  Arm Serves Up Neoverse N1
                                                  Helios Expands Arm’s Neoverse
                                                  Editorial: AI and the Magic Compiler
                                                  Feb 18
                                                  Xilinx Delivers Server Acceleration
                                                  Habana Wins Cigar for AI Inference
                                                  Exynos 7904 Boosts Low-Cost Phones
                                                  Feb 11
                                                  Bitmain SoC Brings AI to the Edge
                                                  Intel Zaps Some Coffee Lake GPUs
                                                  AMD Brings 7nm GPUs to PCs
                                                  Feb 4
                                                  Intel’s Sunny Cove Sits on an Icy Lake
                                                  WD Rolls Its Own RISC-V Core
                                                  Ceva’s BX Hybrid Boosts DSP Engine
                                                  January 2019
                                                  PDF of all January Microprocessor Report Articles
                                                  Jan 28
                                                  Helio P90 Raises Mid-Premium Bar
                                                  AI Benchmarks Remain Immature
                                                  Editorial: More ASICs in the Cloud
                                                  Jan 21
                                                  Analysts’ Choice Winners for 2018
                                                  Intel Turns Graphics up to (Gen) 11
                                                  Microchip Previews RISC-V FPGAs
                                                  Jan 14
                                                  Year in Review: Mobile Vendors Prepare for 5G
                                                  Ryzen Mobile Rises to 12nm
                                                  Achronix eFPGA Serves AI Two Ways
                                                  Jan 7
                                                  Year in Review: IP Suppliers Push AI Accelerators
                                                  Qualcomm Gets Serious About PCs
                                                  Barefoot Joins 400GbE-Switch Club


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