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Intel Fills Out 11th-Gen Laptop Lineup
Intel’s 10nm process is displacing 14nm across the Core laptop lineup. Tiger Lake-H replaces Comet Lake-H for mobile gamers, whereas new Tiger Lake-UP3 versions update the thin-and-light segment.
Radeon 6800M Tackles GeForce 3080
AMD updated its laptop GPUs to the RDNA2 architecture, boosting gaming performance by 50% over the previous generation and matching up against Nvidia’s RTX 3080 for Laptops.
Upmem Nails RowHammer
French startup Upmem has patented a new defense against RowHammer attacks that corrupt memory. Dubbed Silver Bullet, it’s available to DRAM manufacturers as licensable intellectual property.
Efinix Fills Out 16nm FPGA Roadmap
Three years after sampling its first chip, Efinix is sampling second-generation Trion Titanium FPGAs manufactured in TSMC 16nm. The latest family members offer greater density and new features.
Marvell PHYs Drive Multigigabit Cars
Marvell’s new 88Q4364 Ethernet PHY complies with the 802.3ch automotive Ethernet standard, which the IEEE ratified last year. It delivers 2.5Gbps, 5Gbps, or 10Gbps on shielded single-pair wiring.
Agilex Moves to SuperFin
Intel’s initial 10nm FPGAs are now slated to reach general availability in Q3 after a delay owing to a redesign to the 10nm SuperFin process, which offers a dramatic reduction in power.
Arm Extends Valhall to Low-End GPUs
Arm’s third-generation Valhall GPUs boosts performance across all Mali product tiers. The Mali-G310 is the company’s first new entry-level design in three years, succeeding the Bifrost-based Mali-G31.
MLPerf 1.0 Adds Power Measurements
Nvidia dominated the latest round of MLPerf Inference submissions, but Qualcomm’s Cloud AI delivered leading performance per watt on two of the six neural networks. Many other vendors were absent.
Arm NI-700 Puts a NoC in CoreLink
To support its new Arm v9 CPUs, the company has developed a new dynamic shared unit and two new CoreLink interconnect products, the CI-700 cache-coherent interconnect and the NI-700 network-on-a-chip.
Arm v9 Yields Three New CPUs
In a company first, Arm released three CPUs at once, prompted by its transition to Arm v9. They include Cortex-X2, Cortex-A710, and Cortex-A510, the company’s first new “little” core in four years.
Dimensity 900 Jumps to Cortex-A78
MediaTek has refreshed its Dimensity 800 family with the latest CPU and GPU cores as well as new standards such as Wi-Fi 6 and LPDDR5 to enhance performance in midrange 5G smartphones.
IBM Test Chip Is First at 2nm
IBM has manufactured the industry’s first test chip in 2nm technology. Compared with 7nm FinFETs, the gate-all-around (GAA) transistors allow 3.4x the density with 45% greater speed or 75% less power.
Lattice Sets Midrange FPGA Collision
Known for tiny low-power FPGAs, Lattice is developing a new family called Avant that will target the midrange segment. It expects to introduce the first Avant devices late next year.
Unisoc T760 Launches Tanggula
Under its mountainous moniker Tanggula, Chinese vendor Unisoc plans to deliver four new 5G –chip families to revitalize its smartphone lineup. The first new product is a midrange chip called the T760.
Allwinner Creates First RISC-V AP
Using a CPU licensed from Alibaba, Allwinner’s D1 is the industry’s first RISC-V application processor. Featuring a GPU, DSP, and audio/video codec, it is available in a $13 development board.
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