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  April 13, 2021   Snapdragon 780G Doubles AI Speed
  April 13, 2021   Syntiant NDP120 Sharpens Its Hearing
  April 6, 2021   Ceva Bluebud Streams Wireless Stereo
  April 6, 2021   IBM Demonstrates New AI Data Types
  April 6, 2021   MediaTek Sets the Smart-TV Standard
  March 30, 2021   Lightmatter Shines in Data-Center AI
  March 30, 2021   Rocket Lake Lifts Off From Sunny Cove
  March 30, 2021   ST Raises IoT Power Efficiency
  March 23, 2021   i.MX8ULP Uses FD-SOI to Cut Power
  March 23, 2021   R-Car V3U Runs Lockstep Neural Nets
  March 23, 2021   Sunway Gives China HPC Independence
  March 16, 2021   AMD Milan Extends Server Lead
  March 16, 2021   Driver Monitoring Makes ADAS Safer
  March 16, 2021   MediaTek’s M80 Delivers mmWave
  March 9, 2021   Deep Vision Optimizes AI Data Flow
  March 9, 2021   Intel’s Jasper Lake Lifts GPU by 5x
  March 9, 2021   Microchip Enables PCIe Gen5 for AI
  March 2, 2021   Pixelworks’ i6 Renews Phone Displays
  March 2, 2021   Qualcomm Pushes 5G to 10Gbps
  March 2, 2021   Snapdragon Shifts to Self-Driving Cars
  February 23, 2021   Horizon Robotics Plots ADAS Journey
  February 23, 2021   Maxim Showcases Efficient Custom AI
  February 16, 2021   Enflame Stokes AI Acceleration
  February 16, 2021   MT8192 Creates Chromebook Buzz
  February 16, 2021   Qualcomm Acquires Nuvia for CPUs
  February 9, 2021   Ceva SensPro2 Doubles AI Throughput
  February 9, 2021   MediaTek Redefines Premium Phones
  February 9, 2021   SambaNova Takes On Nvidia’s DGX
  February 2, 2021   Andes Scales Up Its RISC-V
  February 2, 2021   Exynos 2100 Delivers Big GPU Gain
  February 2, 2021   Ryzen 5000 Boosts Laptop Performance
  January 26, 2021   Analysts’ Choice Winners for 2020
  January 26, 2021   Snapdragon 480 Moves 5G to Low End
  January 19, 2021   Xsight Samples Leading-Edge Switch
  January 19, 2021   Year in Review: Smartphone Chips Get Bigger GPUs
  January 12, 2021   Apple Ships Its First PC Processor
  January 12, 2021   Broadcom SmartToR Ups Flow Scale
  January 12, 2021   Year in Review: PC Processors Bounce Back
  January 5, 2021   SiFive Brings Vectors to S-Series
  January 5, 2021   SimpleMachines Enables Flexible AI
  January 5, 2021   Year in Review: IP Adapts to Automotive Roadmap

Most Recent | Archive: 2021   |   2020   |   2019

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