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Xbox Series X Doubles GPU Speed

September 8, 2020

Author: Aakash Jani

Microsoft’s semicustom Xbox Series X processor doubles GPU performance and triples CPU performance compared with its predecessor Xbox One X design. To achieve these gains, the company used AMD’s newest CPU and co-designed the GPU with the Austin-based chip company. The new processor has eight Zen 2 CPU cores and a modified RDNA GPU. In addition, it employs a handful of custom hardware accelerators to offload common graphics calculations. At the recent Hot Chips conference, Microsoft’s Jeff Andrews and Mark Grossman walked the audience through the processor’s architecture.

The Series X console is expected to arrive around the holiday season and carry a $600 price tag. It will provide superior performance compared with a dedicated custom-built gaming PC of a similar cost. In a move that’s been in the works since 2007, Series X will feature an NVMe SSD rather than the One X’s HDD to drastically reduce wait times when loading data from memory.

The Xbox Series X processor is a great improvement over previous generations. The CPU performance increases by 3x and the number of pixels shaded per second increases by 50%. Additionally, the design incorporates a better video-encoding standard and enhances audio processing. The Series X chip combines a high-end GPU and CPU on a single die, delivering more gaming performance than any standard PC processor.

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