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MT8192 Creates Chromebook Buzz

February 16, 2021

Author: Aakash Jani

MediaTek raised its sights in the Chromebook market by delivering the MT8192, doubling CPU performance and tripling GPU performance compared with its predecessor from just over a year ago, the MT8183. The company already dominates the budget Arm Chromebook segment and hopes to target mainstream Chromebooks with its newest chip, which also has a better AI engine that supports new features such as gesture control. With its MT8192, MediaTek aims to add a new dimension to these price-friendly laptops and thereby steal share from x86-based competitors.

The company manufactures the MT8192 in 7nm TSMC technology, and positions the chip above the MT8183. The new chip, based on the Dimensity 800 smartphone processor, integrates four powerful Cortex-A76 cores and four efficient Cortex-A55 cores, as well as Arm’s Mali-G57 GPU and a new video accelerator. Chromebooks based on the MT8192 are expected to ship in 2Q21 and retail for approximately $350.

In 2020, Chromebook shipments more than doubled to reach 20 million units globally; about 20% were Arm-powered. The pandemic was the main factor driving this meteoric growth. Because many children were barred from in-person learning, educational institutions had to pivot quickly; many school districts and parents purchased inexpensive Chromebooks for online learning. The situation created new requirements for Chromebooks at all price tiers. For example, previous models only needed Wi-Fi connectivity and basic programs such as a web browser. Newer ones need better cameras and image processors for interactive learning, better graphics processors for cloud gaming, and faster CPUs for offline assignments.

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