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Intel’s Jasper Lake Lifts GPU by 5x

March 9, 2021

Author: Aakash Jani

Intel’s new Jasper Lake brings a 5x GPU-performance increase to the traditionally underserved low-end segment. Relative to its three-year-old predecessor, Gemini Lake, the new chip also raises single-core CPU performance by 32% and multicore performance by 22%. It better suits the high-end Chromebook and budget-PC markets by diversifying its compute blocks, reducing power consumption and system cost.

Jasper Lake comes in six models—two Pentium Silver and four Celeron—as Table 1 shows. Although Intel withheld pricing, we estimate the N6005 and N5105 each list for about $100. These 14nm chips employ either two or four single-thread Tremont cores and Gen11 GPUs. They also integrate the sixth-generation Intel image processor. They come in two TDPs: 10W for low-cost PCs and Chromebooks, and 6W for 2-in-1s and other power-constrained devices.

In these low-end systems, Jasper Lake competes with AMD’s Athlon series. From the Arm universe, Qualcomm delivers the 5G-powered Snapdragon 8cx for Chromebooks and PCs alike. All three companies hope to gain share in the fast-growing Chromebook market. In 2020, Chrome OS overtook MacOS as the second-most-popular PC operating system.

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