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Lattice Sets Midrange FPGA Collision

May 25, 2021

Author: Linley Gwennap

Known for tiny low-power FPGAs, Lattice Semiconductor is raising its sights to the market’s midrange. It disclosed a new FPGA family called Avant that will include members with at least five times the gate count of its existing products. After starting development in late 2019, it expects to introduce the first Avant devices late next year.

Lattice competes in the low-end FPGA segment, where it holds about a 25% market share, using its innovative Nexus products, which feature up to 39,000 logic cells (LUTs) and 2.5Mbits of SRAM with 5Gbps I/O. In this segment, it competes against the FPGA leaders, Intel and Xilinx, in addition to smaller suppliers such as Efinix and Microchip.

The company says it was drawn into the midrange segment at the request of customers, who aren’t getting innovation from their current suppliers. Xilinx shipped its first midrange Artix 7 products back in 2013, the same year that Intel’s midrange Arria 10 FPGA family was announced. Since that time, those vendors have focused on new high-end products such as Versal and Agilex while offering only minor variations in their less expensive lines.

By delivering Avant, Lattice hopes to double its available market, adding the $2.5 billion midrange segment to the $2.2 billion low-end segment it already serves. Initial Avant applications include automotive subsystems, robotics, and communications infrastructure—markets where Lattice already has many customers. These customers are familiar with the company’s tools and software, which will also support the future Avant products.

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