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Dimensity 900 Jumps to Cortex-A78

June 1, 2021

Author: Linley Gwennap

Just a few months after announcing its top-of-the-line Dimensity 1200 processor, MediaTek rolled out the lower-price Dimensity 900 model with many of the same technologies. The new product employs Arm’s latest-generation CPU and GPU cores, albeit in lesser quantities, along with TSMC 6nm technology and support for LPDDR5 memory and Wi-Fi 6. By upgrading last year’s Dimensity 820, the chip leapfrogs the Qualcomm Snapdragon 750G. The D900 will appear in smartphones soon; we expect these phones to cost between $200 and $400.

Whereas the D800 has four big and four little cores, the new product downshifts to a 2+6 configuration to save cost. This change positions it against the 750G, another 2+6 design. Unlike that Snapdragon chip, which uses older cores, the D900 features current-generation Cortex-A78 CPUs and a Mali-G68 GPU. Its image processor handles four cameras at up to 108 megapixels (MP). In addition to a 4K video engine, the chip supports the latest connectivity protocols.

The Dimensity 900 (aka MT6877) is the first member of its family but may not be the last. MediaTek introduced the Dimensity 800 last year and quickly followed with the Dimensity 820, which boosted the clock speed and added a GPU core. Although the company could pursue a similar approach this year, we assume that the D900 replaces the D820.

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