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Arm Extends Valhall to Low-End GPUs

June 8, 2021

Author: Mike Demler

The Mali-G310 is Arm’s first entry-level GPU to employ the Valhall architecture. The company last upgraded its low-end tier in 2018 by introducing the Mali-G31. That GPU implements the older Bifrost architecture, but its higher-performance relatives moved up to Valhall two years ago. Arm recently introduced the third-generation Valhall, which for the first time covers all Mali product tiers.

The mainstream Mali-G510 succeeds the Mali-G57, a first-generation Valhall design. Although customers building phones for the lower tiers don’t need annual upgrades, the architectural enhancements in the G510 and G310 provide even greater gains than those in the higher-tier models. Designers can double graphics and machine-learning performance per shader core, or they can take advantage of the new configuration options to fine-tune performance, power, and area (PPA).

The Mali-G710 continues Arm’s practice of delivering annually a new top-of-the-line graphics engine for premium smartphones. The Mali-G610 is a smaller version of the G710, implementing fewer shader cores but providing the same upgrades for the fast-growing mid-premium tier.

The company unveiled the new Valhall GPUs alongside its first Arm v9 CPUs and updated CoreLink interconnect products, easing their integration in an SoC. All Mali cores are now available for general licensing; we expect the first phones to enter volume production in 1Q22.

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