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Marvell PHYs Drive Multigigabit Cars

June 15, 2021

Author: Mike Demler

Adoption of advanced driver-assistance systems (ADASs) and in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) is accelerating; carmakers are therefore installing Ethernet backbones that can handle the traffic generated by multiple cameras, sensors, and streaming-media displays. To meet these demands, Marvell offers its new 88Q4364 Ethernet PHY, which complies with the 802.3ch standard the IEEE ratified last year.

The new PHY includes a variety of standard interfaces for connecting to Ethernet MACs. The USXGMII interface handles all three speeds. For 2.5Gbps links, the device provides 2500Base-X and OCSGMII interfaces; 5Gbps and 10Gbps MACs can use XFI. To replace the first-generation PHYs, the chip connects directly with the company’s automotive switches, such as the 88Q6113 and 88Q5072. It also implements IEEE 802.1AE MACSec authentication and encryption, deterring intrusion, man-in-the-middle, and replay attacks.

Marvell’s 4364 employs a standard digital manufacturing technology, but it withheld details. Because it offers other 12nm PHYs, however, we expect the automotive chip uses that technology as well. The 4364 ships in a 7mm x 11mm BGA-104 package, and it supports AEC-Q100 Grade 2 (–40°C to +105°C) operation.

The company is sampling the PHY and is enabling evaluations with a media-converter board. Nvidia has announced plans to use the 88Q4364 in its Drive Orin systems. Because of the long automotive design cycles, however, the chip is unlikely to reach volume production before 2H24.

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