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ProteanTecs Aids in Manufacturing

July 13, 2021

Author: Aakash Jani

Similar to the way radiologists use an MRI, post-silicon engineers employ sensors to help ensure healthy devices during and after chip manufacturing. Startup ProteanTecs licenses its Universal Chip Telemetry (UCT) platform, which combines AI models and a collection of sensors, to reduce defect rates by 10x and to cut manufac­turing costs. The platform combines on-chip sensors with multivariable predictive models to aid in design and manu­facturing. It also provides analytics to help find design flaws earlier in the production cycle, which helps combat rising material and manu­facturing costs.

ProteanTecs employs a bevy of sensors, which the com­pany calls agents, that operate in both testing and func­tional modes, allowing customers to use them during manu­fac­turing and in the field. Its automated integration tools individualize the sensor placement and provide dash­boards and recommendations tailored to each custom­er. Chip de­signers in several industries have already adopted the platform.

CEO Shai Cohen, CTO Evelyn Landman, and COO Roni Ashuri founded ProteanTecs in 2017. Leading a successful startup is familiar to these three, as they each held high-ranking positions at Mellanox. Cohen, Landman, and Ashuri started that networking company, which Nvidia acquired. ProteanTecs has raised $97 million and just closed its Series C round. Its main investors include Intel Capital, Koch Disruptive Technologies, Celesta Capital, and WRVI Capital. ProteanTecs has about 150 employees, mostly in Israel.

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